My Many Faces

About the Project

     My Many Faces is a series of 12"x12" quilts, each representing, in a whimsical style, one of the many faces I have
going through my daily life.
     The idea for this series originated with a desire to have fun making a small whimsical self-portrait quilt.  As I started
the creative process, it quickly became apparent that I, like most women, have too many facets of my life to be
incorporated into one quilted face.  Hence the series "My Many Faces" was started, and it continues to grow.
     Although each quilted face is a unique piece of art, my husband appreciates a more practical aspect.  It has been
suggested that I display whichever quilted face best depicts my "face of the day", thus letting him know what is important
to me at the time.  Art and real life merge.

     The quilted faces are works of textile art, meant to be displayed, so each has a sleeve along the top of the back side,
designed to accomodate a rod or slat up to 1 1/2 inch wide.

     I have had so much fun creating and sharing the quilted faces that I have made them available individually for sale, for
$45 each.  I also make custom face quilts, usually at the same price.  Please contact the artist if you are interested in
purchasing one.


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